Frequently Asked Questions

1Where can I find help?

Please click here to see all the places you might be able to get help across the country.

2Is autism the same as Down syndrome?

No. Autism is a developmental disorder while Down syndrome is a genetic disorder. Please click here to read more about autism.

3Can Autism be cured?

Autism is not a disease and as such cannot be cured. However, there are forms of interventions including drugs that are known to help the symptoms. Please speak to a qualified health practitioner about this.

4Do you offer any form of diagnosis?

No we don’t but we can offer you support towards or after getting one.

5Is there a minimum amount you accept as donations?

No. We accept all gifts and no amount is too small. Please click here to donate.

6Are my payment details safe on this website?

We do not hold personal information on this website. Please click here to read our Privacy policy.

7How can people support The Winford Centre for Children and Women?

There are various ways to help and support us. Please click here to see how.

8Do you support the families of children with developmental challenges?

Yes we work with children, parents and carers.

9I have some concerns about my child’s behaviour. How can I know if something is wrong?

You can click here to use the symptoms checker. Please note that this is powered by a third party website and does not replace a proper diagnosis. You should speak with a qualified health practitioner if you have any concerns.

10How do you assess if a woman is disadvantaged or not?

Every case is assessed by our team on its own merit and there is no one cap fits all. However, pointers such as gender based discrimination and sexual harassment are some of the yardsticks.

11How long do you support disadvantaged women?

As long as there is a need.

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