Every child with a developmental challenge physical or non-physical is different and unique in terms of their needs. These needs could be sensory, emotional, behavioural or learning needs. Most children undertake their learning in one form of educational setting or the other which makes it a place where they will be spending a considerable amount of time. In a lot of cases, the educational setting could be where a child’s developmental challenge will be first noticed. This makes it essential that an educator understands the various underlying conditions which may arise from developmental challenges and how to adequately support the child. At The Winford Centre for Children and Women, we are committed to the following:

  • Working with specialist skills providers to facilitate trainings and workshops for educators.
  • Providing awareness in schools around various disabilities and the need to show empathy.
  • Providing infrastructures that would enable successful inclusion of children with developmental challenges into the appropriate learning setting.
  • Engaging government and policy makers to improve the legislation provisions for people living with a disability.