Children Initiatives

Train the trainers

This is our programme covering the work we do directly with educators to adequately equip and prepare them for dealing with children with special needs. This includes targeted training and school inclusion projects.



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Fund my care

This initiative is targeted at families who are indigent and unable to afford the cost of diagnosis and therapy sessions as well as communities which do not have any specialist facility. The Winford Centre for Children and Women will bear the cost of providing a specialist facility and therapy sessions.


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Be aware

This is our awareness programme which cuts across all media platforms. It is targeted at the general public and the aim is to ensure an improved understanding of disabilities and developmental conditions.



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Women Initiatives


This is a mentorship programme aimed at young women desiring a successful career and hoping to make a mark in their fields. Mentoring involves pairing a more experienced or knowledgeable person with someone with less experience in a bid to allow the former provide career development ideas and guidance to the latter.


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This is our programme aimed at empowering disadvantaged women towards acquiring a skill and gaining financial independence.



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