Although, Nigeria has a National Gender Policy, social and religious practices continue to restrict women rights. This is further made worse by the notion of the “glass ceiling” which stops women from reaching the peak of their careers due to several things ranging from the sheer fact that they are women to absences due to maternity and childcare. The Winford Centre for Children and Women is committed to supporting disadvantaged women to reach their full potentials. A disadvantaged woman is a woman:

  • who is economically disadvantaged.
  • with a reduced upward mobility (social mobility).
  • suffering social exclusion
  • having limited access to natural resources and economic opportunities.
  • who has been subjected to social or economic prejudice as a result of gender without regard to her qualities and or capabilities.
  • who is not adequately protected by law.
  • who is at the risk of physical, sexual and gender based violence.
  • who is confined to traditional gender roles and expectations regardless of her personal ambitions

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